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More statistical figures per December 18th, 2012 (= 10'290th day in Sharjah/United Arab Emirates)
Driven right side of the road: in  124 countries during  6'244 days  =  292'034 miles  =  12'369 hours.
Driven left side of the road:   in    48 countries during  3'465 days  =  123'343 miles  =    6'223 hours.
On freighters and ferries:       in    79 sailings     during    581 days

We had 168 flat tires (= every 2'472 miles or 111 hours of driving).
We used 72 tires, 33 batteries, 144 spark plugs, 23 air filters, 56 shock absorbers.
We made 95 oil changes with 57 oil filters and 102 times greasing.

We had to take 278 times a ferry or a freighter to cross a river, lake or the sea.
This was done on 229 ferries, 26 containers, 2 pontoons, 17 roll-on/roll-off-shipments und 4 times by crane.
We changed 24 times each from right hand to left hand traffic and 24 times from the left to the right.
We crossed 15 times the Equator from North to South and 15 times from South to North, then 12 resp. 9 times with the car.
We had to apply for 85 visas, which filled 10 passports and cost US$ 3'970.- per person.

The 172 visited countries had 69 different languages and 144 different currencies.
We visited 150 of the total 195 sovereign and 22 of the 65 non-sovereign countries and other territories of the world.
We have been checked 321 times at the totally 470 border crossings..
We traveled in 23 of the total 24 time-zones.

The highest point the car reached was 17'454 ft in Bolivia (Chacaltaya).
The lowest point was in Jordan at -1'280 ft (Dead Sea).
Since 1995 we have given 70 TV interviews in 40 different countries.

347 pages (½ in German and ½ in English) can be chosen on our website, where 6'600 different pictures of our journey can be found.

Since 4/1/2002 the start of the statistics of emails – we received and sent 22'170 emails, this is monthly 172 av. (Birth day of Hotmail 3/5/1999)

Since 1/1/2005 the start of the statistics of our website we welcomed on our site www.weltrekordreise.ch
totally 3'430'608 visitors (= daily 1'179) that did 106'669'299 (= daily 36'669) hits.
(Record day since 12/17/1998 = the birthday of our website: on 11/5/2007 = 13'407 visitors and 787'456 hits)

We "shot" about 19'260 slides, 18'660 prints and 52'170 digital pictures, totally = 90'090, that's every 5 miles or 12 minutes of driving one photo.

The highest average speed we drove in Belgium (44.7 miles/h), followed by Denmark (38.7 miles/h).
The lowest average speed we drove in the Vatican (6.2 miles/h), followed by Gibraltar (7.0 miles/h).

The most days and miles we spent in the USA (1'818 days = 63'091 miles), followed by Australia (318 days = 24'209 miles).
The fewest miles we drove in the Vatican (1.2 miles), followed by Monaco (12 miles).

Generally, the car was moved on 7 out of 10 days.
In the average we moved to the next place after 3 days of stay.
We filled up totally 43'736 US-gallons of gasoline at 1’804 service stations, average 24¼ gallons per filling.
The highest paid gasoline price was US$ 7.45 per US-gallon in August 2008 in New Caledonia, the lowest US$ 0.06½ in May 1995 in Iran.

The 1000000th driving minute was 5/6/07 in Kupang/Timor/Indonesia
The 100000th liter (= 26'418 US-gallons) of gas was consumed 4/28/96 in the United Arab Emirates
The 10000th driving hour was 6/5/95 in Kyrgyzstan
The 1000th different night place was 2/2/91 in Gabon
The 100th different country was 7/28/96 in Germany
The 10th travel anniversary was 10/18/94 in Pakistan
The 1st place in the Guinness Book of Records was achieved 5/12/97 in the Vatican (and we own it still today)
The 1st 1000 days: 7/12/87 in Bolivia
The 2nd 1000 days: 4/7/90 im Senegal
The 3rd 1000 days: 1/1/93 in Australia
The 4th 1000 days: 9/28/95 in Poland
The 5th 1000 days: 6/24/98 in Iceland
The 6th 1000 days: 3/21/01 in the Dominican Republic
The 7th 1000 days: 12/16/03 in St. Lucia
The 8th 1000 days: 9/11/06 in Brunei
The 9th 1000 days: 6/7/09 in Samoa (Island of Upolu)
The 10th 1000 days: 3/3/12 in Réunion
The 1st 100000 miles: 9/10/88 in Paraguay
The 2nd 100000 miles: 1/13/94 in Thailand
The 3rd 100000 miles: 1/23/99 in Italy
The 4th 100000 miles: 6/10/09 in Samoa (Island of Savaii)
The 1st 100000 km: 11/17/86 in Chile
The 2nd 100000 km: 11/25/89 in Libya
The 3rd 100000 km: 7/12/93 in Australia
The 4th 100000 km: 11/8/95 in Italy
The 5th 100000 km:


in Japan
The 6th 100000 km:


in Thailand
More anniversaries:
The 50th Birthday of Liliana on 9/25/91 in Lilongwe/Malawi
The 50th Birthday of  Emil on 2/24/92 in Knysna/South Africa
The 25th (Silver) Wedding anniversary on 5/8/94 in Umm Suqeim/Dubai in the United Arab Emirates
The 10th Anniversary "on the road" after 220'735 miles on 10/18/94 in Islamabad in Pakistan
The 63rd (Retirement) Birthday of Liliana on 9/25/04 in Prise d'Eau in Guadeloupe
The 20th Anniversary "on the road" after 364'093 miles on 10/18/04 at the "Le Galion Beach" of Saint Martin in the Caribbean
The 65th (Retirement) Birthday of  Emil on 2/24/07 in Sanur/Bali in Indonesia
The 40th Wedding anniversary on 5/8/09 in Puipaa on the island of Upolu in Samoa
The 25th (Silver) Anniversary "on the road" after 401'500 miles on 10/18/09 in Papeete/Tahiti in French Polynesia
The 70th Birthday of Liliana on 9/25/11 in Tamatave/Madagascar
The 70th Birthday of  Emil on 2/24/12 in Grande Anse/Réunion
The 25th Container shipping of the LandCruiser on 5/31/12 from Pointe des Galets/Réunion to Bintulu/Sarawak/East Malaysia
The 30th "Birthday" of the LandCruiser on 7/21/12 in the 25th Container between Singapore and Bintulu/Sarawak/East Malaysia