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Ups and downs with:   TOYOTA

Here you will find in several continuations the story of our “relationship” with Toyota in general. It started buying our LandCruiser FJ60 in May 1982 and is still continuing. Not only our 23-year old car went through many adventures in its “375’000-miles-career” as “the most traveled vehicle” through 150 different countries, but also we had amazing experiences with its “creator”, the Japanese Toyota Motor Corporation and their worldwide distributors. We want to record here these ups and downs, believing that many interested people will get so astonished to ask: “Is this really possible?

1982-1984 Switzerland:

From buying the LandCruiser FJ60 "surviving" the warranty until we owned a "worldworthy" 4x4-automobile


2004-2005 Sint Maarten/Netherlands Antilles - Guyana - (Venezuela):

True hopes of having found a friend to overcome the hurdles and the harsh wake-up from this illusion


Following soon, e.g.:

"Episodes and incidents with Toyota companies around the world while driving from 1984 until 1995 through 58 countries on all continents as an ordinary LandCruiser customer– without any preferences and ‘special treatments’", until we had unexpectedly contact for the second time with a Toyota distributor, this time in Malaysia.

"The three unforgettable visits 1994, 1996 and 1999 to the United Arab Emirates and the overwhelming generosity of Al-Futtaim Motor's CEO"

"Our arrival 1999 in Japan full of expectations after achieving already 127 countries and the unintelligible rebuff of the Toyota Motor Corporation to see us at all"

"The unchangeable determination of the Iranian Toyota Irtoya Co. in Tehran, to do something 'good' on our LandCruiser – and the refusal of the American Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc., in Torrance CA, to assist us as we lost a wheel in Los Angeles and needed desperately help"