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Enjoy some pictures of the worldrecordtour, taken in Macao  (without car)


Macao Map



Map of China

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The beautiful Portuguese colonial architecture on Senado Square reminds
us immediately to Southern Europe
The ruin of St. Paul’s Cathedral is
Macao’s landmark. In 1835, a fire
destroyed all but this unique stone facade with its many niches and holy statues
Another building with Portuguese inscription is the „Santa Casa da Misericordia“




The Rua do Sao Paulo leads to the
city’s landmark, the Cathedral. Many
names are still written in three languages: Chinese, English and Portuguese
All kind of dried meat is on display
here. Looking at the price, it seems
to be a delicacy
The streets in Macao are
narrow and congested




Passers-by study the wall with
election posters at Senado Square
The shade and coolness under the beautiful
fig trees of Mount Fortress Park attract
also songbird lovers. They hang their cages
on the tree while enjoying a good chat
Emil also enjoys a relaxing moment
on a bench of Mount Fortress Park




View from Mount Fortress to the
old and new part of Macao…….
…....and from the ruins of St. Paul
to the street of same name…….
…....and from Mong Ha Hill to a
cemetery church with its
neighboring skyscrapers




Due to the lack of space, the wet
clothes are dried on hangers on
a pole behind window screens
Also the St. Joseph Seminary
shows its Portuguese appearance
The white sandy beach of Hac Sa is
not only flooded with sea grass, but
also with countless tourists who come
from the Chinese mainland in busses




On the highest hill thrones a small
chapel and the whitewashed light
tower of the Guia Fortress
A small altar in a rocky
niche in the Patane Pagoda
Blooming Frangipani flowers
fill the air with a delicate scent




The very old A-Ma Temple predates
the arrival of the Portuguese on
the peninsula
The richly decorated entrance to
the A-Ma Temple leads to
different altars between the rocks
Lotus flowers are found in most temples




The most striking of the Ku Lam
Temple are the adorning tiny
porcelain figures
Detail of the porcelain figures
of Ku Lam Temple
With its decorative handmade
lanterns, already the entrance to
the Lou Lim Lok Park, a former
Chinese garden, is fairytale like




Old men playing “mahjong”
is a familiar sight in parks
The wonderful handmade lanterns,
hanging everywhere between
bamboos, pavilions, miniature
rock towers and a small lake of the
Lim Lok Park are a breathtaking site
A group of elderly musicians come
to exercise in Lou Lim Lok Park




The fountain on Senado Square is
also a busy meeting place at night
The St. Paul ruin is an inspiring
sight also at night
The Lisboa Casino is the most
famous and the most visited