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Pictures of our visit to the Cook Islands - without our vehicle in August 2009
(Island of Rarotonga)

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latest picture: August 8, 2009
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01  The modest House of Parliament
in Avarua, the capital of the Cook
Islands on the island of Rarotonga,
fits the peaceful holiday atmosphere
and was formerly a hotel
 02  At the 44th Anniversary of the
Constitution Day on August 4, 2009
– the self governance of the Cook
Islands and the partial disengagement
from New Zealand – the police
corps carries the flag into the
National Auditorium in Avarua
03  His Excellency Sir Frederick
Goodwin, the Head of State and
the Deputy Prime Minister, Hon.
Sir Terepai Maoate are watching
together with their spouses the
raising of the National flag
(from left to right)
04   Students of the Avarua Primary
School highlight the Constitution Day
Celebrations with a cultural performance
 05   Outside of the Auditorium, the
dance performers pose for a picture:
The boys .....
06   ..... and the girls
07   Garlands of fresh flowers as
headdress are part of the
Polynesian charm .....
 08   ..... as are the hats
against the tropical sun, be
it simple ones like the one
of this young girl guide .....
09   ..... or elaborately hand woven
ones that are worn particularly
at special occasions
10  Tropical flowers blooming
in different colors
 11  A rare view in urban areas:
A tree with Spanish Moss
12  We found this flower especially in
coastal areas, seemingly a kind of lilies
13  A peaceful spot:
Cooks Corner in Avarua
 14  The whitewashed Avarua
church attracts in its simplicity
15  A Safari Jeep – particularly
outfitted for so-called “Tourist
Adventures” – decorated with
coconuts, is driving past
the Avarua church
16  ’Te Rua Manga’, also known
as “The Needle”, is the island’s
most striking peak (1’355ft. high)
 17  Rural charm at Rarotonga’s
inland road, which runs with a few
exceptions parallel to the coastal road
18  Majestic palm trees against the
mountain ridge are a common sight
Three different views of the turquoise Muri Lagoon with its white sand beaches in the Southeast of the island
22  The church in Matavera (CICC
– Cook Islands Christian Church),
built in the beautiful old way
 23  The “Para O Tane Palace” in
Avarua was the place where Makea
Takau, a Paramount Chief, signed
1888 the treaty accepting the Cook
Islands status as a British protectorate
24  View from the outlook above
the hospital of Avarua towards
the Western Coastline
Protected by a reef, there are several sandy beaches all around the island; here along the South coast
28  Rural scene between
coconut palm trees
 29  Along the Avarua harbor
front on the North coast
30  Stone remnants of the
Marae ‘Arai Te Tonga’,
an ancient open place of
worship of the Polynesian
culture in the Northeast
31  A farmer is selling fresh lettuce at
the Punanga Nui market in Avarua .....
 32  ..... local food is
cooking in the pots .....
33  ..... waiting for customers
34  Souvenirs and handicrafts at
the Punanga Nui market attract
many tourists, who are coming
mainly from New Zealand
 35  Beautiful jewelry made out
of shells is for sale at the
Punanga Nui market
36  A live band and dancers
entertain the crowds
at the market place
Different groups in colorful costumes perform a cultural show at the Saturday market

Polynesian beauties and their charm