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Pictures of the first visit of Vanuatu - without our vehicle in July 2008
(during our move from New Zealand to New Caledonia)
2nd Visit to Vanuatu with vehicle in October 2008
  Vanuatu Map              Map of Efate      
                             Map of
                           the Pacific
latest picture: July 27, 2008
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01  With a red Tiare flower behind her
ear, Mrs. Pielau – the Melanesian hostess
of Air Vanuatu – is greeting us with the
charm of the Pacific as we board the
aircraft in Auckland on July 23, 2008,
for the 3-hour flight to Port Vila
 02  Disembarking in Port Vila – the
capital of Vanuatu on the island of
Efate – Liliana is posing for a photo
in front of the only Boeing 737-800
of Air Vanuatu
03  At the arriving hall, we are
welcomed with Pacific rhythms
by traditionally dressed musicians
04  From the WW-I Memorial lookout,
we enjoy a lovely view over the town
of Port Vila with its yacht harbor and
the small island of Iririki with the
luxury bungalow style hotel
 05  After 3 years, we finally meet
Kay and Peter Forwood personally and
spend many interesting hours together
at Port Vila’s water front. They are since
14 years on a world tour with a
Harley Davidson, visiting 189 countries
06  View over the Vila Bay to
the small offshore island of Iririki,
the yachts and a mega-cruiser,
which remembers us to
Saint Martin/Sint Maarten
in the Caribbean four years ago
07  On July 24, 2008, we join the
celebrations on “Children’s Day” at
the Independence Park in Port Vila .....
 08  ..... invited guests follow
attentively the parade of the Pathfinders
and the children’s speeches .....
09  ..... parents and children in their
festive dresses watch the program
full of expectation
10  From our room at the City Lodge,
we have a nice view over the colorful
and lively market of Port Vila, which
operates daily except on Sundays .....
 11  ..... sitting between her produce,
a vendor is peeling one of her coconuts
12  ..... in another market corner,
men are chatting
13  The market is the women’s domain.
Like there is no tipping in Vanuatu,
there is also no bargaining. The prices
are marked and fixed
 14  Taro roots and other
vegetables is displayed in baskets
made from banana leaves
15  A truck at the market is
filling up with passengers
16  Dolls and other exotic souvenirs
are on display in Port Vila’s
waterfront stalls .....
 17  ..... the masks are
especially tempting
18  The local language of Vanuatu
is Bislama – a kind of Pidgin. The
translation of the TVL mobile phone
ad reads as follows: Talk plenty –
no more worry – very easy
Masks and dances decorate artistically the walls of a small building along the road to the port
The charm of the people of the Republic of Vanuatu,
the former Anglo-French Condominium of the New Hebrides, an archipelago of 82 islands in Melanesia
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