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Pictures of the second visit of Hong Kong - with our car from Dec. 2007 – Jan. 2008 
1st Visit to Hong Kong without vehicle in September 2005
Hong Kong Map
  Map of China
latest picture: January 31, 2008
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01  We are driving out of the container at
the Hong Kong International port and out of
the gate without any customs check. Only the
“International Circulation Permit” is required,
obtained easily at the Transport Department ...
 02  ..... and are greeted
from a skyscraper facade
by a female Santa Claus
03  Festive lights greet
from Hong Kong Island
04  Dog lovers collect donations in
order to help homeless dogs. We
are surprised how many passionate
dog lovers live in Hong Kong
 05  Streets are crowed with people
at every hour, day and night.
This is Hong Kong!
06  Victoria Park on Hong
Kong Island attracts always
people who are health conscious
07  Hong Kong Island glows at night.
View from Victoria Peak
 08  Causeway Bay is flooded
with neon lights 
09  The skyline of Hong Kong Island
is one of the most attractive sights
of all of Hong Kong
In the skyscraper metropolis, giants are various and endless, regarding height as well as designs
13  The sun is setting behind the small
islands in front of Lantau Island.
View from Victoria Peak
14  We enjoy a picnic in the hills of Tai Mo
Shan Country Park in the New Territories,
where there is amazingly still nature left
15  This bird enjoys us with its
nice concert at Victoria Park
on Hong Kong Island
The smell of Chinese food is omnipresent, fascinating and mouth-watering
19  One of the luxury blocks for Hong
Kong’s riches residents towers above
the Kwun Yam Shrine at Repulse Bay
on the South shore of Hong Kong Island
20  Emil poses in front of the Longevity
Bridge at the Kwun Yam Shrine at
Repulse Bay. The legend is that
crossing it adds three days of life
(We crossed it, not only once .....)
21  All kind of deities and figures
adorn the surroundings of Kwun Yam
Shrine Temple at Repulse Bay. They
were funded by local personalities
22  Christmas Eve at Causeway Bay
on Hong Kong Island: With their lovely
Christmas songs, these musicians spread
festive mood among the by passers
 23  For a Chinese country it is
surprising that Christmas decorations
are everywhere. The festive decorations
in the shopping malls seems to compete
regarding beauty, colors and fantasy 
24  Also in the „Pacific Place Mall“,
there always are admirers of the
Christmas decoration. They love to
pose for a picture in front of the
glittering and colorful tree 
25  Sai Kung: Our LandCruiser is parked
in front of the Monument commemorating
the Martyrs who lost their lives during the
World War II against the Japanese Aggression
26  A peaceful sight: Floating fishing
village in Tolo Bay in the
Northeastern New Territories
27  Surprisingly, in Sai Kung in the
New Territories we find a lonely spot
for lunch at a small bay. Emil is studying
the map while he is waiting for the meal
On one of our trips to the New Territories, we admire .....
28  ..... a golden shining ‘Rustic’
(Cupha erymanthis) butterfly .....
 29  ..... a deep orange flower
that is blooming everywhere .....
30  ..... and a delicate blossom and
blue berries on the same branch
31  ‚Ha Shan Tuk’ Beach in the ‘Clear
Water Bay Country Park’ in the Eastern
 part of the namesake peninsula in the
New Territories. Hong Kong's beaches
offer free showers and clean toilets
 32  A picture book fishing
village: ‘Po Toi O’ on New
Territories' ‘Clearwater Bay’
33  The many outlying islets at
‘Clearwater Bay’ reveal an
idyllic coastal scenery 
34  On our walk to the summit of ‘Tai Mo
Shan’ on 957m altitude, we get a glimpse
 through the haze and smog of one of the
countless skyscrapers in the New Territories
35  Hong Kong is so overcrowded
that for people in a hurry it must be
a nightmare – as here on Christmas
Day at ‘Causeway Bay’
36  The MTR carries us from ‘Kwai Fong’
in the New Territories, where we parked our
LandCruiser, in 35 minutes back to our hostel
in ‘Causeway Bay‘ on Hong Kong Island 
37  We are parking in a non-stopping
area in ‘Wan Chai’ on Hong Kong Island.
On all Hong Kong roads it is impossible
to make a brief halt anywhere
38  The skyscrapers of ‘Tsuen Wan’
and ‘Kwai Chung’ are greeting behind
the ‘Ting Kau’ Bridge in the
Western New Territories
39  Bridges and tunnels connect the
islands of Hong Kong. Here the
‘Tsing Ma’ Bridge at ‘Tsing Yi’
in the Western New Territories
40  At the most Western part of the
New Territories the terrain is getting
more dry and rocky. A few forlorn
Chinese tombs and a viewing pavilion
lie scattered on a rugged slope 
 41  This forgotten and overgrown path
leads us to an abandoned viewing
platform, from where we can admire
the beautiful panorama of the 9-million
city of Shenzhen in mainland China
42  These Wetlands in Hong Kong
are located right in front of the city
of Shenzhen (in the closed area
along the border) and form part
of the stunning scenery
43  A glimpse of mainland China: From
the dilapidated and abandoned lookout of
‘Tai Shek Mo’ (formerly Crest Hill) near
‘Lo Wu’ in the New Territories we admire
the stunning panorama of Shenzhen, the
Chinese border city North of Hong Kong
44  The China and the Hong Kong
flags both represent China, but there
is an enormous difference between
the two places
45  View of the narrow border river
‘Sham Chung’ and Shenzhen downtown
on the Chinese mainland. Shenzhen was
declared a 'SEZ' (Special Economic
Zone), where investments to special
conditions can be made 
46  Picnic tables and barbeque sites
are wide spread and mostly in a beautiful
setting, like here at the ‘Plover Cove
Reservoir’ in the New Territories
47  Even as non-smokers, we find the
sign „No smoking at barbecue area“
in anyway very restricted Hong
Kong really exaggerated!
48  This is a picnic site to our taste:
On a narrow dam surrounded
by nature only
49  On Hong Kong Island there is
no space left for new residential blocks.
Now they start to build on the green
hills in the outskirts
50  At least, these blocks are colorful,
as here in ‘Chai Wan’ on the Eastern
corner of Hong Kong Island
51  The township and beach of ‘Shek O’
on the eastern peninsula of Hong Kong
Island offer a real stunning sight
52  On every corner ducks, chicken
and pork is on display .....
53  ..... food is cooked
on a street stall .....
54  ..... and huge varieties of
dried food are sold
55  On the markets, there is an
abundance of fresh produce: Fruits .....
56  ..... vegetables .....
57  ..... and fish, mostly still struggling
58  3 “Wandergesellen” in their typical
uniform. It is the first time on our journey
around the world that we meet craftsmen
of this kind from Germany. They wander
from town to town after finishing their
apprenticeship and have to stay away
at least 31 miles from their home
place for three years and one day
59  3 Hong Kongers enjoying “Dim
Sum“ – Janelle and Riki from “Weekend
Weekly Magazine”and a stranger. “Dim
Sum” is a uniquely Cantonese snack. The
delicacies consist of many separate dishes
meant to be shared. They are normally
steamed in small bamboo baskets
60  3 of the countless “Amah’s“
from Indonesia working in Hong
Kong and gathering at
Victoria Park every Sunday
61  Hong Kong Park on Hong Kong 
Island, surrounded by towering 
buildings, is an oasis of calm. It is not less 
fascinating to us than two years ago .....
 62  ..... and still offers the well 
beloved background for the picture 
book of newly married couples
63  One of the residents in the Hong 
Kong Park is the Australian Pelican
64  The „Edward Youde Aviary“, 
integrated in the Hong Kong Park, has
established a natural environment for 
exotic birds. We were able to see:
65  the Baly Mynah
66  the Emerald Dove
67  the Crested Jay
68  the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
69  the Maroon-breasted Crowned Pigeon
Time to say good-bye:
70  ..... to the Hong Kong Hostel
at Causeway Bay we called
two months our “home” ..... 
71  ..... to the MTR, which always
transported us comfortably and
efficiently in all directions .....
72  .....and to our LandCruiser, which
– after a good wash – has been put into
its 12th container on January 31st, 2008
73  ..... as well as to the skyline at our
“Good Luck Car Park” in Kwai Chung .....
74  ..... and to the fascinating outlook over Hong Kong from Victoria Peak 
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