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Pictures of the first visit of Hong Kong - without our vehicle in September 2005
(during our move from South America (French Guiana) to Southeast Asia (Singapore))
2nd Visit to Hong Kong with vehicle in December 2007


Hong Kong Map



Map of China

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With a stopover in Taipei on Taiwan, the 747-400 of China Airlines carries us in
17 hours from Los Angeles to Hong Kong
From the Hong Kong Peak, we get an excellent view of the “skyscraper jungle“
The many Chinese billboards
undermine the Far Eastern charm
of Kowloon




The bus and metro system is functioning excellently, is very clean and punctual
On Sai Young Choi Street, this wall
covered with phone numbers is eye-catching
The fantastic skyline of Hong Kong
Island is always a beautiful sight




Many stalls sell a big variety
of nuts and dried fruit
This hawker stall in front of our
guesthouse offers delicious fried food
We find these bundles of roasted baby ducks in the amazing clean market right opposite the Wong Tai Sin Temple




An odd sight: Cypresses and
skyscrapers near the Wong Tai Sin
Temple in Outer Kowloon
Already the gate to the Chinese
Wong Tai Sin Temple in Outer
Kowloon has an exotic appearance
Like everything in Hong Kong,
the Wong Tai Sin Temple nestles
between staggering skyscrapers




A scene of big devotion in front of
the main altar of the Wong Tai Sin
Temple. Besides fruit offerings,
bundles of incense sticks are lit up
Many of the worth shippers offer
fruits to their gods, which they lay
out on the floor in front of he main
The huge coils that hang on the ceiling
of the Mars Mo Temple on Hong
Kong Island are incense sticks
which burn up to two weeks




Huge skyscrapers and a lovely
fountain on Hong Kong Island
Wall to wall towers – nothing for
people suffering from claustrophobia
Between all the skyscrapers, the cars
on this narrow looking street on
Hong Kong Island look like busy ants




Flowers in the lush greenery
are blooming all over
On Hong Kong Peak, we sink from
the hectic life into pleasant silence
with a vegetation of mosses, flowers,
exotic trees and even a waterfall
A rare sight: Cherries, which
are growing directly out of a trunk




We are surprised that even nostalgic tramways are still circulating on
Hong Kong Island
In Mong Kok, the hustle and bustle
on the streets never ends. And in the
night, the countless shining illuminations transform Kowloon into a sea of light
Chinese style houses in Shantin in
the New Territories on the way
to the China border




Wonderful sights are these two Pagodas emerging from Shantin’s deep jungle. The white one belongs to the Po Fook Ancestral Worship Hall, where on each floor the walls are covered with urns. The red one belongs to the “10'000 Buddha” Monastery
This golden Buddha with four heads
is situated in the garden of the
Po Fook Ancestral Worship Hall…….
…….and the traditional turtle
pond - known for bringing
luck - is just nearby




Smoke from incense sticks is
rising in front of a Buddha in the
Po Fook Ancestral Worship Hall
Blossoms of lotus flowers
in the Chi Lin Nunnery
Also the pagoda of the „10’000 Buddha“ temple – shining in red and gold - adds
to its unique Far Eastern charm




It is an incredible sight as we approach
the jungle trail leading to the „10’000” Buddha Monastery. The many Buddha’s which flank the path on both sides,
are shining golden against the deep green
of the jungle. It is one of those moments which we will always remember
A special attraction is also the red
temple roof with its golden dragons
– a beautiful contrast with the green hills
This goddess with the many hands
is one of the showpieces of the
temple of the „10’000 Buddha“




Two different worlds: The bare
skyscrapers in the valley and the
mystic atmosphere on the hill of
the temple of the „10’000 Buddha“
The walls inside the temple
are loaded with Buddha niches
Picnic tables in the Po Lin Monastery
on Lantau show, how touristy this
famous worship place is. Only
vegetarian food is allowed




Steep stairways lead to the 900 ft.
high Buddha made out of bronze at
the Po Lin Monastery in Lantau, the
biggest Buddha in the Hong Kong region
Golden Buddha’s and richly
decorated walls dominate the
interior of the „Exhibition Hall“
of the Po Lin Monastery
Statues with offerings flank
the impressive Po Lin Buddha




They still exist - the picturesque
sampans in Aberdeen - which still
sail in the waters of the narrow
harbour between high-rise skyscrapers
It was luck that we also get a
glimpse of a traditional Chinese junk
With its sampans and junks,
Aberdeen’s small fishing port
still spreads a touch of the
nostalgic Hong Kong




Huge bicycle parking lots are a sign
of China’s main mean of transport
A women cleans fish in the harbour
of Aberdeen on Hong Kong Island
The Chi Lin Nunnery in Diamond Hill
– a Buddhist Temple – reminds us in its architecture and simplicity to Nepal




In the exceptional surroundings of the superbly built natural environment of the Edward Youde Aviary, we find ourselves
surrounded by rare, exotic birds, like:
„white-necked Mynah“
“Asian Fairy Blue Bird”
“yellow faced Mynah”




Two different worlds are touching
each other: Sky rising twin towers
and the green sanctuary of the
Hong Kong Park
Water lily pads floating in the
lotus pond of the Hong Kong Park
With its lovely fountains, ponds,
cascades and decorated with many lampions, the Hong Kong Park is also
a popular spot for wedding ceremonies
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