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Pictures of our Fiji trip
(Part 1: Island of Viti Levu)
Part 2: Island of Vanua Levu
Part 3: Island of Taveuni
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latest picture: March 4, 2009
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01  On January 9, 2009, we board Air
Pacific in Port Vila (Vanuatu) and land
in stormy weather in Nadi (Fiji) on the
West Coast of the island of Viti Levu
 02  On our approach to Nadi, we get a
first impression of the floods that began
to devastate the Western part of Fiji.
Memories come back from our visit to
Georgetown in Guyana four years ago
03  The bridge over the Nadi River,
which connects the airport with Nadi
town, has been heavily damaged by
the floods and is impassable for cars
04  Nadi Town shows a picture of
devastation. Most of the shops lost
all their goods. The center has
become uninhabitable
05  It is better to be on the safe
side: This youngster on a pickup
has cautiously  put on
his life west already
06  Tourists "flee" from the outer islands of
the Yasawa and Mamanuca groups and
flood the emergency landing place at the
Newtown Beach near Nadi Airport
07  Nostalgic colonial buildings grace
Fiji's capital Suva around every
corner. Here at Renwick Road
08  Souvenir stalls line the bank
of Nubukalou Creek that flows
through the center of Suva
09  The setting sun is coloring the
skies behind the immaculate white
Masjid Noor Mosque at Bau Street
10   The customs officer in his traditional Sulu
– the skirt worn to below the knees – gives a
glimpse at our LandCruiser – and that was it!
11   A smart guard is keeping
watch in front of the entrance
of the President's House
12  A road sign in front of the
impressive Government House
welcomes us to the City of Suva
13  Crabs bound together and
still alive are sold in abundance
on Suva's fish market
14   In the scorching heat, a place
to rest under a shady tree during
shopping in Suva is very welcome
15  Suva's covered central market
is run by both, women and men.
The prices are marked and are fix
16  Motorboats are mooring at
the market bridge. In the hills in the
back new rain clouds are forming
it is rainy season in Fiji
17   Dave Aidney, Executive Manager
of the Shipping Agent Williams &
Gosling Ltd. in Suva,  made the
impossible possible. It is his credit
that our LandCruiser made it into Fiji
18  A picture with Ian McLean,
Chief Executive Officer of Toyota
Asco Motors in Suva, ends
our appearance in their show room
in the presence of the press
19   Suva's flower market in its exotic
beauty is especially eye-
catching on a Saturday
20  The hairstyle of this
woman of Melanesian
descent is typical for Fiji
21  Students in their immaculately
white "Sulu" the traditional men's
skirt are leaving Marist Brothers
High School in Flagstaff near Suva
22  The Colo-i-Suva Forest Park
with its many small waterfalls and
natural basins is a refreshing place
to be in the tropical heat
23  The stem of this leafless
red Beehive Ginger tropical
flower is sprouting
directly from the soil
24  Polynesian sculptures
grace the garden of the
Raintree Lodge, 6 miles
North of Suva
25  The bright pink of this corrugated
iron dwelling contrasts beautifully
with the lush green surrounding
26  The Namosi Highlands
North of Suva attract us
with its untamed nature
27  Fishing boats moored at the
harbor entry in Lami, East of Suva
28  A peaceful fishing village at the
Coral Coast in the South sandwiched
between a lush green hill and the blue sea
 29  Each inch of land is privately owned
in Fiji. Nevertheless, we find a relaxed spot
at the Coral Coast for our lunch break
30  Palm trees are swaying gently
at the luxury beach resort
"Fiji Palms" at the Coral Coast
31  We enjoy a day at the sandy beach
of the quiet Valase Beach Resort in
Tagaqa on the Coral Coast,
15 miles East of Sigatoka
 32  Valase Beach Resort in Tagaqa:
A swimming pool overlooking the sea
and surrounded by a flower garden
– what more do we want?
33  The stormy skies at sunset
look ghastly – it’s rainy season in Fiji
34  Tropical Vegetation, off shore
islands and a blue sea are our constant
companions along the Coral Coast.
In the background Beqa Island
 35  The Sri Siva Subramaniya
Swami Temple in Nadi is the most
beautiful Indian temple in Fiji
36  At the touristy Nadi Bay Beach,
called also New Town, we enjoy at the
Smugglers Cove Hotel another sun set
The nice and traditional Fijian “Bure” with woven walls and thatched roofs is disappearing
more and more and replaced unfortunately by corrugated iron dwellings
40  From their school verandah,
children watch a contest
on the playing field
 41  A remainder of the recent
floods in the Western part of Fiji
is the broken bridge in Sigatoka
which was carried away
42  We are driving on the North Coast
through rural areas with cows, pigs
and goats roaming around freely. In the
backdrop the Nakauvadra Range
43  Beautiful trees with huge canopies
grace every now and then the countryside
 44  The Southwest scenery is dominated by
grassland, palm groves, forests and hills
45  A walking stick of a remarkable
size stands motionless on fallen leaves
46  In the drier North sugar cane
fields dominate the landscape
 47  A lovely Indian temple on
the North Coast, half hidden
by the greenery
48  Rural church at the Korovou
village turn off near Tavua
towards the mountains
49  View of the Navatu Rock, 6 miles
West of Rakiraki in the North, where
it’s said that once there was a fortified
village on the top of the rock
 50  Navolau – a peaceful village
at the Northeastern tip
51  A church between sugar cane
and the sea in the North, glowing
wonderfully in the warm evening light;
about 4 miles East of Rakiraki
52  Udre Udre’s tomb at Rakiraki
in the North: Here rests the most
insatiable cannibal of all times. It is
said that he consumed 872
of his victims of war
53  Simple rafts of bamboo
poles are still used as a mean
of transport on rivers
54  On our camping spot at
the Ellington Wharf in the far
Northeast we are blessed
with a beautiful sunset
55  The Northeast Coast at the Viti
Levu Bay presents us a beautiful scenery
when we turn off towards the mountains,
to Nausori and back to Suva
 56  At our picnic in the East of Suva
we enjoy watching this water bird
looking for food in the shallow water
57  Indo-Fijian are enjoying Sunday
at the beach East of Suva. The women
wear their traditional sari and plunge
into the water in their full outfit
Articles in newspapers about us in Fiji:
Article: "Hell or floodwaters, the journey shall go on", Daily Newspaper "Fiji Times" - January 22, 2009
Article: "Around the world in 25 years", Daily Newspaper "Fiji Sun" - January 24, 2009
Announcement: "World Record Travellers at Suva Apartments", "Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee" - 2/6/2009