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Pictures of our Fiji trip
(Part 2: Island of Vanua Levu)
Part 1: Island of Viti Levu
Part 3: Island of Taveuni
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                           the Pacific
latest picture: March 18, 2009
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58  The sun is rising, when the ferry
of the ”Consort Shipping Line”
approaches the landing pier in
Savusavu on the island
of Vanua Levu
 59  We enjoy our first breakfast on
Vanua Levu, with view to the ferry of
the „Consort Shipping Line“, which
has been sponsoring us the passage
to this island as well as to Taveuni
60  The peaceful marina in
Savusavu is attracting more and
more sailors who spend the
cyclone season at this idyllic place
61  In Savusavu it is difficult to get
lost. Everything is close. You can buy
at the same instant taro from the market
and fresh bread in the bread & cake
house on the other side of the street
62  A happy taro vendor
wears a big straw hut against
the stinging tropical sun
63  After shopping is done it’s time
to cool-off and relax with a chat
in front of a store in Savusavu
64  Not a bad idea: You sit on a
bench and wait patiently until the
food is cooked from the steam of
the hot springs (covered with
a white jute bag) in Savusavu
65  The “Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji
Island Resort” on Lesiaceva-Point
with its palm-fringed beach fulfils the
vision of a Pacific paradise, but it is
not for budget travelers as we are:
One night costs easily US$ 500+!
66  Tropical seashore
on Lesiaceva-Point
The local dwellings on Vanua Levu are simple but the tropical surrounding
is however very luxurious. Most of the activities are taking place anyway mostly outdoors
70   The palm-fringed hills with the misty
mountains in the back are a lovely sight
71  Camping under coconut palm
trees – who isn’t dreaming of it?
72  The Southern coastline of Vanua
Levu abounds of coconut palm trees
73  From the miniature airport of
Savusavu we enjoy a splendid view
across the sea to these miniature islands
74  A lonely mangrove, a
lonely wave, a lonely island
75  A mother with her two children
enjoying a ride on a bamboo float
76  Indigenous Melanesian Fijians
board the West coast bus
between Savusavu and Labasa
77  From the viewpoint of the
“Waisali Rainforest Reserve”, which
is situated roughly halfway along the
“Transinsular-Road” from Savusavu to
Labasa, we enjoy the Southern panorama
78  The self-called “most traveled person”,
Charles Veley, meets with the team of
The Longest Driven Journey” at the view-
point of the “Waisali Rainforest Reserve”
– reason for a remembrance picture!
79  Heliconia
80  Rainbow Shower Tree
81  Another flowering tree
82  A peaceful hamlet gathers
around a modest church
between Savusavu and Labasa
83  The red roof of the church
dominates the tiny village of Urata
along the Transinsular-Road from
Savusavu to Labasa, sandwiched
between palm trees and the sea
84  Does this image not impose
stillness and peace? Waisali along
the Transinsular-Road from
Savusavu to Labasa
85  Tropical hill scenery on the Southern
side of the more than 1’700ft high mountain
crossing from Savusavu to Labasa
 86  Green is IN!
Camping in lush green vegetation
– it hardly can get any greener
87  Exuberant vegetation
covers the Southern hills
88  Sugar cane dominates the Northern
part of Vanua Levu. The fields are cultivated
predominantly by Indo-Fijians, i.e. by people
of Indian origin who during colonial times
have been recruited as workers from India
 89  Two beautifully Indian
dressed ladies with a baby
boy like to pose for a picture in
front of the market in Labasa
90  Colorful boats are moored at a
water channel on the track to Korovatu
Beach, 6 miles Northeast of Labasa
91  The 10ft. tall „Cobra Rock“
of the “Naag Mandir Tempel”,
situated 6 miles Northeast of Labasa,
is decorated with garlands from
devotees, who believe that it
cures sickness and infertility
 92  The “Naag Mandir Temple”
sits picturesquely on the foot of
a green hill. The yellow and pink
colors can be seen at
many Indian temples
93  The Indian good Ganesh
– here in Fiji black –
is also worshipped at the “Naag
Mandir Temple” in Labasa
94  Typical homestead – away of the
“modern spirit” – Northeast of Labasa
 95  Grassland, rice fields and rocks
shape the scenery on the way to the
Korovatu Beach –
memories back to Vietnam pop up
96  To reach the Korovatu Beach,
we drive through a coconut
plantation with reddish trunks
97  At the palm-fringed
beach of Korovatu .....
 98  ..... we camp for one night
– just the two of us
99  Another beautiful
day is fading away
100  Twiners form entire walls at
this quiet river spot short of Savusavu
 101  A three-master moors near the
ferry landing in Savusavu. A5-night-
“Adventure-Cruise” costs between
US$ 3’000 and 6’500 per person
102  It is 6am: The sun is rising at the
ferry landing in Savusavu, while “our”
MV Spirit of Fiji Islands (short call SOFI)
starts to load for the next island of Taveuni
103  The ferry of the “Consort
Shipping Line” is leaving Savusavu .....
 104  ..... Passengers are waving to
the friends and relatives left behind .....
105  ..... then we sail along the impressive
coastline of Vanua Levu towards new soil
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