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Pictures of our Fiji trip
(Part 3: Island of Taveuni)
Part 1: Island of Viti Levu
Part 2: Island of Vanua Levu
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latest picture: March 24, 2009
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106  From the sea, we enjoy the sight
of the Wairiki community with its beautiful
old hilltop Catholic Mission, sandwiched
between tropical vegetation and the
Somosomo Straight
 107  Now during the rainy season,
high billowing clouds
are a fascinating sight
108  The ferry “MV Spirit of Fiji
Islands” (SOFI) of the “Consort
Shipping Line” is approaching the ferry
landing at Waiyevo on Taveuni Island
109  „Welcome to Taveuni, the
Garden Island of Fiji“ reads a
billboard at the Taveuni
ferry landing place
110  Children of the “Taveuni
Central Indian School” in Naqara
are waiting to go home
111  The theoretical “International
Dateline” at the 180 meridian cuts
straight through Taveuni. In the West
(left on the billboard) is: “where a new
day begins”; East (right) is: “where
everyday ends”. The actual Dateline
passes East of Fiji that the whole
country has the same date
112  Police posts have all the same
look in Fiji: Small and neat! (here
in Matei at the Taveuni airport)
113  Pickups are an ideal mean
of transport for a lot of people –
a common sight on the island
114  A neat house with its same brightly
painted toilet nestles amongst palm
trees at the Eastern coast near Qeleni
115  In the first morning hours the
Eastern coastline near Naselesele
spreads serenity
116  Most of the beaches on
Taveuni are of black volcanic sand.
In the North at Matei white sand
exists however
117  From Matei towards Lavena
along the East coast, where the paved
road ends at Naselesele, the calm
sea gives the impression of a lake
118  The Wairiki Catholic Mission
on the hill looks out over the
Somosomo Straight .....
119   ..... the congregation attending
the holy mass is sitting on the floor .....
120  ..... the holy mass is finished
and the congregation leaves the
church, dressed in their best outfits
Adorable children who find their way easily into our hearts
124  The “Beverly Beach Camping”
in Matei is in a beautiful setting with
lobelias growing on huge tropical trees .....
125  ..... on a branch above our
heads a fearless king fisher is resting .....
126  ..... and a white playful kitten
adopts us instantly
127  The rainforest produces
wonderful flowers
128  A solitary grave adorned
with rugs amidst palm trees
beside the gravel road to Lavena
129  A delicate flower in the
greenery of the rain forest
Many dwellings don’t have running water. The river is here for washing
Horses are still used as a mean of
transport in remote villages. In the
tropical heat of the midday sun, a
cool-off in the sea is very welcomed
133  “Bouma National Heritage Park”
in the Northeast: The first of the three
Tavoro waterfalls gushing into a natural
pool is 79ft. high and easy to reach
 134  The tropical scenery in
„Bouma’s National Heritage Park”
is amazing in its bright colors
135  During our climb to the second Tavoro
waterfall in „Bouma’s National Heritage Park”
beautiful views of a palmfringed coast-
line open. In the back the Qamea Island
136  Before reaching the second
Tavoro waterfall, a river has to be
crossed. A rope is suspended across
the water to balance over the boulders.
Liliana is bracing the challenge
 137  Deep in the rain forest, the
second waterfall gushes into a pool.
Each inch is overgrown with
beautiful vegetation
138  The rainforest in “Bouma’s
National Heritage Park” is one of
the most exuberant green places
we have ever seen
139  The little kids of the community
of Bouma are training soccer
on the sport field .....
 140  ..... while the bigger ones get
distracted by an arriving motorboat
with an American tourist lady
141  Tropical splendor with orchids
142  Incredible is the skill of this wasp
colony which managed to fix its nest under
a constantly swaying palm tree leaf
 143  Emil is enjoying “our” Bure,
the traditional Fijian home, in the
“Tovu Tovu Resort” in Matei .....
144  ..... and the tropical garden
with its coconut palm trees
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