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Pictures of our first visit to the Philippines without our vehicle in February 2008
[Luzon (North) during our move from Hong Kong via Macao to New Zealand (Dunedin)]
2nd Visit Part 1: Luzon (South) – Islands of Mindoro – Panay   with our vehicle from November to December 2010
2nd Visit Part 2: Islands of Negros  Cebu   with our vehicle from December 2010 to January 2011
2nd Visit Part 3: Island of Bohol – Luzon (South)   with our vehicle in January 2011
Philippines Map
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     Southeast Asia
latest picture: February 13, 2008
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Luzon (North)    2/1 - 2/15/2008
01  On our drive to the mountain
resort city of Baguio in the
Cordillera, this lion cut out of a
boulder is a special attraction
 02  In Baguio, a lively university city
in the cooler mountains, the hills are
covered with houses. Despite of the
notorious congested streets, it is a
famous refuge for the distressed
people escaping the heat of Manila
03  Baguio’s Cathedral dominates
the city. It served as a refuge for
5000 locals during the heavy
bombardments in WWII
04  Crabs, still alive, are tightly
knotted together and sold along
the roadside
 05  Farmers of the mountain village
of Abatan in the Cordillera are selling
their fresh produce in abundance
06  People making a brake and
enjoying the warming sun in the
lovely John Hay Park in Baguio
Means of transport in the Philippines are diverse, colorful and sometimes nostalgic
07  A completely overloaded tricycle .....
 08  ..... an attractively painted jeepney .....
09  ..... traditional wooden charts,
pulled by water buffaloes
10   On the narrow and sometimes
steep Halsema Highway from Baguio
to Bontoc and Sagada, we drive
deeper into the mountains through
dense pine tree forests .....
11  ..... villages hidden between
banana bushes .....
12  ..... and isolated hamlets
nestling on hill slopes
13  A farmer is watering his
cabbage field in Sagada
14  Hanging coffins are perched
on the limestone cliffs surrounding
Echo Valley in Sagada. They
remember us to Toraja Land in
Sulawesi in Indonesia
15  In the tranquil mountain village of
Sagada in the Mountain Province of
North Luzon, where children still can
play in the middle of the street, are
lying these beautiful rice terraces
16  Banga-an, about 1 miles
Northeast of Sagada, offers more
impressive rice terraces
17  A narrow pedestrian suspension
bridge leads to the other side of
the Chico River near Bontoc
18  Bontoc is greeting us with
a beautiful rural panorama
19  From Bontoc to Banaue,
the narrow mountain road winds
its way through a deep valley .....
20  ..... with rice terraces
along the river .....
21  ..... and picturesque hamlets
22  A typical mountain village
in the Cordillera
23  The rice terraces of Banaue are
the Philippines’ most famous sight. They
were created around 2'000 years ago.
Today in need of repair – although pretty
neat – they don’t really impress us
24  An old couple of the Ifugao tribe
is posing in traditional outfit for a
picture at a souvenir shop in Banaue
25   A small store in Banaue
packed with groceries and all
kind of household utensils
26  Chickens waiting to be
sold at the market in Banaue
27  Road sign says: “Strictly no
loading”: Who cares about it?!
(Obviously also the height
doesn’t matter so much)
Rural idylls in the Philippines:
28  Simple straw huts
reminding us to Africa
29  A colony of roaming
ducks at the Northern Coast
30  A lonely goat tied
beside a rice field
31  Another idyll: A mother is
cutting the hair of her son in
the backyard of her house
32  A farmer spreads out his
rice grains with a rake to dry
33  Two adorable girls in Banaue
34  Stormy skies are approaching
the old buildings of the Archdiocese
of Juguegara, Alcala/Cagayan
35  Tricycles dominate the city of
Tuguegarao, the capital of the
Cagayan province. The licensed
ones alone count 14’000
36  In the middle of the chaotic
traffic of Tuguegarao, the impressive
Cathedral is situated on a quiet area
37  A quiet fishing scene
along the North Coast
38  Where the river meets the sea
– also on the North Coast
39  A tropical picture: Palm trees
and banana leaves are bordering
a rice field in Northern Luzon
40  Windmills at Bangui Bay,
West of Pagudpud, surrounded
by haze during an agitated sea
41  A deserted sandy bay
at the mountainous North Coast
42  Fishermen are laying out and
mending their nets at one of the
beaches on the North Coast
Different mystic atmospheres at Luzon’s North Coast
43   44   45  
46  St. Paul Cathedral of historic
Vigan in the Ilocos Sur Province, a
Unesco World Heritage site. Miraculously
Vigan wasn’t hurt by WWII
47  The “Quema House” in Vigan,
a typical and beautiful
Spanish-era mansion
48  Horse-drawn carriages in
Vigan’s Old City still transport
locals as well as tourists
49  The cobblestone-street in the
Mestizo District of Vigan’s old town
with its lined buildings in Spanish
architecture is another step back in time
50  Pineapple Fruits grow
amidst other tropical vegetation
51  Free beer promotion in
January for all drivers (!) at
a Restaurant on the Westcoast!
52  The bell-shaped Timmangtan
Rock and a fishing boat at Mayraira
Beach near Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte
53  When the sun is setting at the
busy beach of Dagupan in the
Lingayen Bay (Luzon’s Westcoast)
54  A “Robinson Crusoe Island”
on the Westcoast of Luzon
Tropical flowers and lush vegetation are always a lovely sight
55   56   57  
In the garden of the “Botolan Wildlife Farm” near Iba at the Zambales Coast, abounding with tropical flowers and plants, we enjoy among others:
58  the eagle with its specific call that
sits always on the same tree branch .....
59  ..... the lazy caiman,
living in a small pond .....
60  ..... and the beautiful
three years old Siberian
Tiger named “Ramses”, which
we got to like very much
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