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Pictures of the second part of our New Zealand trip (South Island)
(Queenstown Wanaka Mt. Cook Arthur's Pass Greymouth Lewis Pass Kaikoura Nelson Fox Glacier)
Part 1: Dunedin Invercargill Milford Sound Queenstown
Part 3: Fox Glacier (Westcoast) Wanaka Queenstown Alexandra Oamaru Dunedin
Part 4: Dunedin – Christchurch – Picton – Ferry to the North Island – WellingtonMasterton Hastings Wanganui New Plymouth Taupo
Part 5: Taupo – Rotorua – Napier – Gisborne – East Cape – Bay of Plenty – Coromandel
Part 6: Coromandel – Seabird Coast – Whangarei – Bay of Islands – Doubtless Bay – Cape Reinga – Hokianga – Tauranga
New Zealand Map
          Map of
        the Pacific
latest picture: April 6, 2008
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70  From 3’000 ft. high altitude of
the scenic mountain road leading
from Queenstown to Wanaka through
the Crown Range, we enjoy this lovely
view of the valley near Arrow
Junction below us
 71  Along the turquoise Lake
Pukaki reservoir, we are
approaching Mt. Cook. It’s the
highest mountain in New Zealand
with an altitude of 12’316 ft.
72  The road ends at the small
village of Mt. Cook and we are
standing in front of an
impressive glacier wall
73  Mt. Cook reveals its
full beauty at sunset
 74  A last glimpse of the
Mt. Cook scenery from
Lake Pukaki High Dam lookout
75  A small pond in the barren
landscape on our way
to Lake Tekapo
76   The „Church of the Good
Shepherd” was built in 1935 on
the shore of Lake Tekapo. Today
it belongs to the region’s
many tourist attractions
 77  Crossing Arthur’s Pass, we
spend a night before at Lake Pearson
where the willow trees are just
changing into their autumn color .....
78  ..... next morning, we
enjoy an amazing reflection in the lake
79  With the first rays of the sun,
a lonely fisherman is hoping for
a good catch at Lake Pearson
 80  Our lovely camp at Pearson
Lake near Arthur’s Pass
81  Continuing along Arthur’s Pass,
we follow for some time the wide,
stony bed of the Waimakariri River
82  A plain with Tussock grass lies
between the road and the river on our
way to the 3’031 ft. high Arthur’s Pass
 83  The viaduct of Arthur’s pass
has been completed only on 1999
84  A beautiful sunset ends
another lovely traveling day
85  On Reefton’s main street,
named “Broadway”, we are attracted
by some well preserved buildings
dating back to the 18th century .....
 86  ..... a vintage car, which fits
perfectly into Reefton’s image .....
87  ..... and the earlier old blue
Court House that gives the
place a special appeal
88  Lewis River: Through a scenery
that recalls strongly Canada, we cross
Lewis Pass in direction East .....
 89  ..... where we enjoy another
amazing red sunset .....
90  ..... and our breakfast on our
bush camp in the middle
of a dry river bed
91  In Kaikoura, 116 miles North
of Christchurch, we watch the colony
of New Zealand Fur Seals basking
on the rocks in front of the
parking lot at Point Kean
 92  At low tide, it is possible to
get quite close to the seals. Emil is
taking a picture of a sleeping animal
93  On the rocks at Point Ohau
– North of Kaikoura – we count
around 300 seals, many of them
young ones. They can be
watched directly from the road
94  A fur seal is basking in the sun
at Point Ohau. A mature male
reaches 100in. in length and weighs
up to 440lb.; a female reaches 60in.
and weights between 66 to 88lb.
 95  Waves are breaking at
the Rarangi Beach near
Blenheim in Cloudy Bay
96  Screaming sea gulls are
part of New Zealand’s
wildlife along the coasts
97  In contrast to the barren brown
land, the view of lush green
vineyards near Blenheim
in the North is an amazing sight
 98  A deer on a farm land
displays its beautiful antler .....
99  ..... and a flightless Weka
bird along the West Coast
– known to be thievish –
is picking in the grass
100  Cleared and with fir trees
reforested patches of forest is a
common, even if not very attractive
sight within New Zealand’s landscapes
 101  While the rising sun is
enflaming the skies, mist is
creeping from the Marlborough
Sounds near Havelock
102  One of the many fjords
(Mahakipawa Arm) in
the Marlborough Sounds
103  Farewell Spit, a renowned bird
sanctuary at the most Northerly tip of
the South Island, is 22 miles long and
may only been visited with
one tour company
 104  Black swans are wading
through the shallow waters of
Farewell Spit. Hundreds of
these long neck birds congregate
in this bird sanctuary
105  Peaceful scenery
from the lookout at Cape Farewell
106  Rural scene at Cape Farewell:
A significant tree and grazing sheep
 107  The drive through the Buller
River Gorge to Westport on the
West coast leads us for many
miles through dense forest
108  Morning atmosphere at the
harbor of Westport on the West coast
109  At Cape Foulwind, 10 miles
West of Westport, a coastal stretch is
dotted with steep cliffs and tiny sandy bays
 110  At the “Tauranga Bay Seal Colony”
near Westport, we watch a nursing fur
seal baby from an elevated walkway.
We count here approximately 30 animals
111  The coastal drive between
Westport and Greymouth is very
scenic along the cliffs
of the Tasman Sea
112  The West is known for its
wild and surf pounded coastline
along the Tasman Sea
 113  The „Pancake Rocks“
of Punakaiki – halfway between
Westport and Greymouth – are
the main attraction of this
coastline. Their look of “piled
pancakes”gave them its name
114  Along the West coast, we
drive past many lakes where the
vegetation is being reflected
in the calm water
The wet vegetation of the West produces a large variety of mushrooms. We were fascinated especially by the blue ones
118  Franz Josef Glacier is known
in the Maori language also as „Tears
of the Avalanche Girl“. Legend tells
that the flood of tears of a girl whose
lover fell to death from a peak
froze into the glacier .....
 119  ..... a guided tour group
is approaching the big whole
in the glacier – not guided “ice
excursions” are prohibited .....
120  ..... Liliana poses in front of
Franz Josef Glacier, which got
his name from the Austrian
explorer Julius Haast in
honor of his emperor
Impressive waterfalls and lovely scenery surround Franz Josef glacier in the “Southern Alps”
124  At the Mt. Cook lookout near
the Fox Glacier Village, the snow
covered peaks of Mt. Cook und
Mt. Tasman greet from a blue sky .....
 125  ..... at sunset, they show
another fascinating picture
126  Fox glacier at sunrise with
peaceful pasture land to its feet,
photographed from Mt. Cook lookout
127  A close-up view
of Fox Glacier
 128  Moss and fern are
growing in abundance in the
wet forests of the West coast .....
129  ..... as well as
any kind of lichens
Sunrise at Mt. Cook lookout near Fox Glacier transforms the landscape into a beautiful but unreal sight
Encounters with nature:
133  Toadstool mushrooms .....
 134  ..... reflections in a pond .....
135  ..... flowers and insects
136  Mt. Tasman and Mt. Cook
are reflecting in the waters of
Matheson Lake near Fox Glacier
at „Reflection Point“
 137  The bright red flowers
belong to the “Pohutukawa”
or “Christmas tree”
138  Early morning mist at
our bush camp at Fox Glacier
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