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Pictures of the third part of our New Zealand trip (South Island)
(Fox Glacier (Westcoast) Wanaka Queenstown Alexandra Oamaru Dunedin)
Part 1: Dunedin Invercargill Milford Sound Queenstown
Part 2: Queenstown Wanaka Mt. Cook Arthur's Pass Greymouth Lewis Pass Kaikoura Nelson Fox Glacier (Westcoast)
Part 4: Dunedin – Christchurch – Picton – Ferry to the North Island – WellingtonMasterton Hastings Wanganui New Plymouth Taupo
Part 5: Taupo – Rotorua – Napier – Gisborne – East Cape – Bay of Plenty – Coromandel
Part 6: Coromandel – Seabird Coast – Whangarei – Bay of Islands – Doubtless Bay – Cape Reinga – Hokianga – Tauranga
New Zealand Map
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        the Pacific
latest picture: April 27, 2008
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139  On our drive from Fox
Glacier along the Westcoast to
Haast, we cross one of the
many suspension bridges .....
 140  ..... and enjoy the lovely, wild
and lonely scenery – sometimes cliffs,
then again sand beaches and from
time to time rocky outcrops
141  A special and eccentric motor
home. We encountered quite a few
of this kind on the South Island
142  Our detour from Haast
Junction to Jackson Bay and
Cascade River Valley rewards
us with an even more
untamed nature
 143  Jackson Bay, a small fishing
hamlet at the same named bay, is
pretty deserted. No wonder; we
also run away as soon as possible due
to the swarms of attacking sandflies
144  End of the road at Jackson
Bay. The couple of dilapidated,
empty houses are for sale – we
wonder who might buy them
145  On the way to Jackson Bay,
we turn aside towards the Cascade
River Valley. The 12 miles on a
gravel road offer amazing river
and mountain views .....
 146  ..... intact dense forest .....
147  ..... and loneliness
148  A magical sight: Sunrays
penetrate at the “Martyr Saddle”
along the track to the Cascade River
Valley into the dense forest .....
 149  ..... an unusual tree .....
150  ..... and our isolated camp
at „ Martyr Saddle“, where
the gravel road ends soon
afterwards at a farm gate
Dawn in the Cascade River Valley
154  Nature at its truest along the
Arawhata River in the
Southwestern Haast region
 155  Lunch break at the attractively
situated Visitor Center in Haast Junction.
Omnipresent sandflies keep us company
156  The Arawhata River passes crystal
clear through the wilderness of the Mount
Aspiring National Park, Southwest of Haast
157  After crossing the Haast pass,
we are on the East side again and, at
Lake Hawea, back in “tamed nature“;
the sandflies have more or less disappeared
 158  Wild flowers along the
road highlight the landscape
159  We watch the morning mist
creeping along the Clutha River on
our night camp near Luggate,
outside of Wanaka
160  This unusual high walls of manicured
trees are often used as wind guards
 161  Bendigo, situated on the West
side of Lake Dunstan, is an ideal
and peaceful place for birdwatching
162  View to the unusual landscape
on the Western shore of Lake Dunstan
163  Our LandCruiser, pictured in
front of the enormous “Fruit Monument”
in Cromwell, a fruit growing region .....
 164  ..... historic buildings dating
back to the 19th century in Old
Cromwell at the shore of Dunstan
Lake, which had to be evacuated
when the water was dammed up .....
165  ..... and nostalgic facade
of the old town of Cromwell
from the gold rush time
166  Reddish colored poplars are
reflecting in the waters of a small pond
along the road to Queenstown .....
 167  ..... only three days
earlier, the poplars were
shining warmly yellowish
168  Autumn beauty at Lake
Hayes near Arrowtown/Queenstown
169  The rising sun plunges the hills
Northeast of Queenstown
into a warm light
 170  From the Coronet Peak
skiing area, we are looking down
to the impressive panorama of
the Queenstown region
171  Start of “Skippers Road” near
Queenstown – a one-lane and winding
gravel road into an imposing
mountain and canyon scenery
172  The narrow “Skippers Road”
winds its way deeper and deeper
into the mountains .....
 173  ..... where nature has
changed into autumn colors .....
174  ..... and where deep below
the Shotover River meanders
through a narrow gorge
175  “Skippers Road” reveals us
more of its beautiful sceneries .....
 176  ..... leads us through
narrow passages cut into
vertical cliffs that requires
the driver’s full attention .....
177  ..... and into a
landscape of great beauty
178  „Skippers Road“ becomes
our most challenging and interesting
experience on the South Island. It’s
a trip that is sold by tour agencies
as real 4x4-adventure .....
 179  ..... the autumn colors being
at their peak add to our enthusiasm .....
180  ..... and our lunch break
overlooking the gorge could not be nicer
181  A view at „Skippers Road“
that produces silence and tranquility
 182  Shortly before the
“Skippers Road” ends,
there is a suspension
bridge to cross .....
183  ..... with an awesome
view to the gorge deep below
There are enough adrenalin-charged outdoor activities in New Zealand for adventurers:
184  “Jetboating” (through the Shotover
River along the Skippers Road)
 185  “Bungy jumping”
(from the Karawau Bridge
East of Queenstown)
186  “Paragliding” (Northeast
of Queenstown)
187  Mist covers a plain South of
Queenstown in the early morning hours
 188  A herd of deer
wanders along a dry hill
189  A dramatic sunset at
Central Otago District
190  In Central Otago, we visit a
couple of old gold mining villages,
one of them St. Bathans, North of
Becks, with the nostalgic and
“ghostly” Vulcan Hotel .....
 191  ..... the tiny simple church .....
192   ..... and the old Post Office
193  Another attraction in St. Bathans
is the Blue Lake, surrounded by white
rocks, which are reflecting wonderfully
in the clear waters .....
 194  ..... a swimming duck
adds to the peaceful picture .....
195  ..... and trees in their autumn
colors and reed reflect everywhere
196  Rural charm in Central Otago
 197  The drive through Dansey
Pass from Ranfurly (Central Otago)
to Duntroon (Waitaki District) is
lonely and leads through an
impressive hilly mountain scenery
198  In the Duntroon Region –
Northwest of Oamaru (East Coast)
– we admire these “Elephant
Rocks” scattered around a plain
199  The coast in the Tavora
Reserve near Bobbys Head close
to Palmerston is wild and deserted
 200  Moeraki, 22 miles South of
Oamaru, is famous for its beach
with huge round boulders that
formed millions of years ago
201   Two horsemen visit the
famous boulders of Moeraki
202  A lovely view from
Katiki Point at the end the
Lighthouse Road near
Moeraki to the Katiki Beach
 203  Cormorants (shags) gather
on a rock at Shag Point halfway
between Moeraki and Palmerston.
They live in harmony with fur seals
204  A „Yellow-eyed“
penguin in its flax nest at
the Katiki Point Penguin
Colony south of Moeraki.
Its height is about 28in.
and belongs to the world’s
rarest species of penguins
205  The lovely architecture of the
Anglican Church in Duntroon in the
Waitaki District on the Southern
side of the Waitaki River
 206  Sticker on a barrel
of beer in front of a
restaurant that speaks for itself
207  „Farmsitting“ with 14 cows,
2 chickens and 1 dog in Abbotsford
near Dunedin during the holidays
of Paul, Michelle and Tate
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