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Pictures of our trip to Moldova
- Part a: From August 21 to 22, 2013 Ukraine Border - Cǎuşeni - Transnistria Border
- Part b: From September 1 to 4, 2013 Transnistria Border - Chişinǎu - Orheiul Vechi - Ukraine Border
Ukraine Part a – August 17 to 21, 2013 - Ilyichevsk Port - Odessa - Bilhorod Dnistrovsky - Moldova Border
Georgia Part 3b – August 13 to 15, 2013 - Abkhazia Border - Poti - Ferry to Ilyichevsk/Ukraine
Cape Verde October 28, 2013 to ..... 2014 - Islands of Santiago - Fogo - Brava - Santiago
Ukraine Part b September 4 to 22, 2013 - Moldova Border - Odessa Port - Container/Freighter to Praia/Cape Verde
Transnistria August 22 to September 1, 2013 - Tiraspol - Chiţcani - Bendery - Moldova Border
Moldova Map
                Southeastern Europe Map
latest picture: September 4, 2013
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001  Homes in the countryside with
a little vegetable garden – this village
conveys the rural charm of Moldova
between the border of the Ukraine
in the southeast and Cǎuşeni
002  The impressing onion shaped towers
of the Marta şi Maria Monastery short
before Tighina (Bendery)
cannot be overlooked
003  Wheat, corn and vegetable fields
extend mile by mile from both sides of
the road from Cǎuşeni to Tighina
(Bendery). The huge farming areas
give a feel of space and vastness
On August 22nd, 2013, one day after the entry of our first visit to Moldova from Tudora in the southeast via Cǎuşeni
we leave the country near Bendery again to visit the selfdeclared but not recognized Republic of Transnistria our 179th country.
On September 1st, we return to Moldova.
004  Lunch stop near the railway track
in Cǎuşeni. The engineer honks and
waves when he rolls by
005  Happy and content! The load
of straw will arrive dry at the barn
006  "Don’t we have a good life?" –
a family of geese on the tramp
007  The skyscrapers on both sides of
the road form a "natural" city gate – called
the “Gates of Chișinău” – at the south-
west entrance of Chişinǎu, the capital
of Moldova with over 800’000 people
008  The statue of “Stephen III of
Moldavia” (also “Stefan the Great” or
“Ştefan cel Mare şi Sfint“) in the center
of Chişinǎu. He ruled in the 15th century
and is the biggest cult figure of Moldavia
009  Chişinǎu has its own "Arc de
Triomphe" that is the centerpiece of
“The Great National Assembly Square”
in the city center. It dates from 1841.
The “Nativity Cathedral” with its
lovely clock tower was built in 1836
010  The "Nativity Cathedral"
(Catedrala Naşterea Domnului) is
situated in the wide spread "Cathedral
Park" ((Parcul Catedralei) .....
011  ..... the beautiful wall
paintings are predominantly kept
in a warm royal blue .....
012  ..... the interior is an art of work in
itself: Beautiful frescoes, golden altars –
we can nothing but marvel
013  At the "Cathedral Park" people
gather to play chess or just to
watch the game
014  View from the "Nativity
Cathedral’s" columns to its
clock tower
015  A school girl crosses the big square
in front of the "Nativity Cathedral” on her
first school day after the holiday
breaks and enjoys the doves
016  A short encounter in front of the
Chişinǎu Hostel in Chişinǎu. The three
Polish motor bikers are on the brink
to leave when we just arrived
017  The brightly painted house façades
and the golden church towers make for
a friendly picture of the village of
Stǎuceni 6 miles north of Chişinǎu
018  Good old days! The father takes
his son for a Sunday ride on a nostalgic
horse carriage around the village
of Trebujeni
019  The village of Trebujeni north
of Chişinǎu is situated in the valley
of the Rǎut River .....
020  ..... the church with its onion
shaped blue towers sticks out
harmoniously from all points of view
021  The scenic character of the valley of
Trebujeni is enhanced by the meandering
Rǎut River and its steep slopes
022  On one side of the Rǎut River
is the village of Trebujeni – on the other
side is the cultivated strip of land
023  Corn fields dominate here the picture
of the Rǎut River valley of Trebujeni
024  The steep valley slopes that encircle
the river reach an average height of about
330 – 430 ft. altitude; the maximum
height is 560 – 590 ft.
025  To the archeological monastery
complex of “Orheiul Vechi” (Old Orhei)
near Butuceni belongs also an orthodox
church towering on a promontory
above the Rǎut River .....
026  ..... the masterpiece in the trimmed
garden of the church, built 1904, is a
huge elaborated bell .....
027  ..... its hilltop setting and
encircling defensive walls form
a splendid skyline
028  Grandma takes a little nap
while preparing vegetables
029  In the village of Butuceni there is
still an old draw well that Emil inspects
030  View into a back yard of
an old farming house in Butuceni
031  Again the church of “Orheiul Vechi”
(Old Orhei) near Butuceni, situated in a
remote and wild area on a promontory
above the gently meandering Rǎut River
032  Presumably these caves in the cliff
belong also to the archeological monastery
complex of “Orheiul Vechi” (Old Orhei)
033  The cave monastery, built in the
13th century by orthodox monks and
inhabited until the 18th century, is clearly
visible. In 1996 a few monks returned
and started with its restoration
034  Our beautiful camping spot in
Orheiul Vechi (Old Orhei) overlooking
the valley of the Rǎut River
035  A beautiful walled house in Brăneşti
along the link road from Orheiul Vechi
(Old Orhei) to the main highway M2
036  Courage to display colors: How
friendly this church in Grigorievka looks
in its warm colors, about 6 miles before
Cǎuşeni on the way from Chişinǎu
to the South
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