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35th Anniversary on 16.10.2019 in Guarapuava/Brazil
The fact that this further milestone on our world record trip went without a trace can be attributed to the constant overheating problems of our LandCruiser, which never stopped at that time. We were too busy trying to fix it. Thus, we forgot all about this special day! How did it actually unfold?
Entry from Liliana's diary on 10/16/2019:
"Emil finally agrees to visit an x-ray institute for an x-ray due to his ongoing back problem. But nothing comes of it. They are so stubborn again that you have to be referred by a local doctor. There is no exception! Frustrated, we drive to the Superpão supermarket, where the frustration is about to continue. There is a food court where we want to eat, but are practically out of cash. The ATM there charges so much on fee that Emil cancels the transaction immediately (nevertheless, we are charged about €9 for exchange rate differences!). No cash = no food, which totally annoys me, because I'm hungry and the last days we ate spartanly anyway. Emil looks for a restaurant on the GPS, where he thinks he can pay with Visa, but the "Buffet Livre" is not inviting at all. So there is again nothing to eat. By chance we pass a bank where we can get money at the ATM under normal conditions. Back to the food court in the Superpão supermarket, Emil does not eat a pizza after all, because he thinks it is too big for him. But I don't feel like pizza and get salads, rice and chicken, which also tastes good. Emil struggles to spaghetti and some meat, but complains that he has rarely eaten so badly. So the frustration continues and the mood does not improve! In the afternoon it's pouring with rain as we drive by the Toyota dealership to get a new condenser. The visit is quickly done - they don't have a suitable one. Just as we are about to leave the parking lot, an employee comes running. Behind him follows a lady with a present: A straw hat for Emil with a Toyota logo! They had seen us on TV, they say. It is not the only time that we are said to have been seen on television, although we know nothing about it and also don't know where what was broadcast. Anyway, Emil now has a wide brimmed hat as an anniversary present to protect him from the sun!"
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Special events/experiences since our 30th anniversary in Angola/Africa 10/16/2014:
South Africa: 2/13-14/2015: Major repair of our LandCruiser by the LandCruiser Club Southern Africa. Link: 3rd Major repair

Malawi: 7/31/2015: Armed robbery where we were only able to escape with a lot of luck, but our LandCruiser was considerably damaged. Link: Armed robbery

Kenya: 10/10/2015: Liliana is bitten the second time by a dog on the same leg, this time in Nairobi. The first dog bite was on 12/14/2009 in Tonga, where she almost lost her leg due to a wound infection.

Turkmenistan: 5/8/2016: Camping night in the desert near the "Darvaza gas crater". The unique spectacle of bursting flames and glowing crater rim in the pitch black night were the perfect backdrop for our 47th wedding anniversary.
Link: Central Asia trip 2016 (starting picture #31)

Russia: Mid-September 2016: lengthy self-repair of front axle shaft in Gorno-Altaysk. Link: North Asia trip 2016 (starting picture #70)
Myanmar (Burma): 12/26/2016-1/22/2017: Trip without our LandCruiser – 4 Websites:  Homepage
East Malaysia (Sarawak): 2017/2018: Rejuvenation of our LandCruiser. Link: 3rd Rejuvenation

Northeast Indonesia (with the car until Papua, formerly Irian Jaya): 8/23/2017 to 5/27/2018: The adventure took us 6'540 ms [10'525km] in 366 driving hours on all kinds of roads through 11 islands: Borneo (2x), Sulawesi (2x), Ternate (2x), Tidore, Halmahera (2x), New Guinea (2x), Seram, Ambon, Yapen, Biak and Supiori. It included 31 ferry trips on 21 different ferries, totaling 303 hours at sea, 9x of which we slept on the floor like the locals.

Paraguay: 5/8/2019: "Golden Wedding" at the campsite of "Quinta Tiffany" in Luque near Asunción, unique in the sense that out of 50 years of married life we spent 35 years with our LandCruiser on a journey around the world. Link: Route Map

Brazil: 9/27/2019: The speedometer of our LandCruiser moved to km 777'777.7 in Blumenau. Looking back at other interesting numbers and milestones: 700'000th km in Abkhazia;
600'000th in French Guiana; 500'000th in the United Arab Emirates; 400'000th in Estonia; the 300'000th in Australia; 200'000th in Libya and the first 100'000th in the USA.
Another milestone: 7x7 = 777'777.7 Kilometers (= 483'288½ miles)
Leap in time backward to the 20th Travel Anniversary on the island of Saint Martin/Sint Maarten in the Northern Antilles/Caribbean
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