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Pictures of our trip 2013/14 to Cape Verde
- Santo Antão/Western side part 2 from 4/7 to 4/10/2014
Cape Verde: Santo Antão/Eastern side part 1 – March 20th to April 7th, 2014
Cape Verde: São Vicente/Mindelo part 1 – March 13th to 20th, 2014
Cape Verde: São Nicolau – February 28th to March 13th, 2014
Cape Verde: Santiago/Praia part 2 – December 26th, 2013 to February 28th, 2014
CapeVerde: Brava – December 23rd to 26th, 2013
CapeVerde: Fogo – Dezember13th to 23rd, 2013
CapeVerde: Santiago/Praia part 1 – November18th to December 13th, 2013
Ukraine – August 17 to 21, 2013 - Ilyichevsk Port - Odessa - Bilhorod Dnistrovsky - Moldova Border
Moldova – August 21 to 22, 2013 - Ukraine Border - Causeni - Transnistria Border
Transnistria August 22 to September 1, 2013 - Tiraspol - Chitcani - Bendery - Moldova Border
Georgia Part 3 – August 13 to 15, 2013 - Abkhazia Border - Poti - Ferry to Ilyichevsk/Ukraine
Cape Verde: São Vicente/Mindelo part 2April 10th to 29th, 2014
Cape Verde Map
   Santo Antão Map       Northwest Africa Map
latest picture: April 9, 2014
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573  The tranquil small town of “Ponta do
Sol” with a bit more than 2’000 people lies
in the extreme north where the road literally
ends at the sheer cliffs of the Atlantic
574  The Catholic Church on the main
square of “Ponta do Sol” needed a new
coat of paint. The ’woman’ in the front
seems to originate from the carneval
575  The yellow renovated city hall,
built in 1882, gives a splash of color
to “Ponta do Sol’s” main square
576  At the small fishing harbor of “Ponta
do Sol” there is activity all day long …..
577  ….. part of the days catch …..
578  ….. cleaning the fish
for the next meal
579  Watching the fishermen returning
with their catch, playing cards, chatting –
this is the place where people gather in
“Ponta do Sol”
580  View from the fishing harbor of
“Ponta do Sol” to the west where the
sheer cliffs of the Atlantic block the
continuation of the coastal road
after a few miles
581  The mini kiosk next to the
fishing harbor in “Ponta do Sol” sells
drinks and something to nibble at
582  On the third attempt the fishing
boat manages to overcome the waves
and return to the partly protected harbor
583  “Ponta do Sol” is a fishing community.
Apart from slowly growing hiking tourism,
there is little else to make a living
584  A wave is approaching. But the
egret at the fishing harbor of “Ponta do
Sol” doesn’t interrupt its search for food
585  View over the coast from “Ponta
do Sol”, where the road runs to the capital
Ribeira Grande that is 2½ miles away
586  Airstrip in “Ponta do Sol”.
Like at “Fajã d’Água” on the island
of Brava also this airport is closed
due to heavy crosswinds and
a too short runway (1’476 ft.)
587  A rememberance picture with
Alcinda, manager of the guesthouse
Trilha e Montanhas” in “Ponta do Sol”.
We stayed there two weeks and
can fully recommend it
588  From “Ponta do Sol” there is a
popular walking trail along the cliff coast
via Fontainhas and Corvo to “Cruzinha
da Garça” (5-6 hours) …..
589  ….. the narrow cobble stone
track to Fontainhas is still driveable
for about 3 miles, running
along vertical cliffs …..
590  ….. and reveals views
to little hidden bays
591  Our LandCruiser is on an
adventure trip along the gigantic walls
of rock to the village of Fontainhas, on
the way to ”Cruzinha da Garça” …..
592  ….. here Emil manoeuvres
around the next tight bend …..
593  ….. it gets critical. Luckily
Emil knows accurate to an inch
how wide our LandCruiser is
594  Fontainhas, the most picturesque
village of Santo Antão, unrolls in front
of a grandiose mountain backdrop
595  ….. the houses of the village
cling to the steep terraced
mountain slope …..
596  ….. the warm pastel colors
of the center add to its special look
597  Our LandCruiser reached its
destination! From the last curve we enjoy
the beautiful view down to Fontainhas
598  Where there is water there is
life: A green ribbon of cultivated
fields at Fontainhas
599  A perfect work of art:
Terraced fields at Fontainhas
600  On our return from Fontainhas
to “Ponta do Sol” driving skill is
necessary once more …..
601  ….. “straight ahead is
only sky and the sea”
602  The road was in its days
a technical masterpiece
603  The recent technical marvel of the
coastal road at “Vila das Pombas”.
Since summer 2009 it connects the fertile
northeastern part with the desertlike south
and therewith by ferry also São Vicente
604  A few houses, a balancing
rock at the seashore – that’s
“Ponta da Ribeira das Pombas”
about two miles southeast from Paúl
605  Liliana glances at “Ponta
da Ribeira das Pombas”into the
narrow, same-named valley
606  Below an overhanging rock at
“Ponta da Ribeira das Pombas” plants
took roots in this arid land
607  One of the many island distilleries
works also at the coastel road between
“Ponta da Ribeira das Pombas” where
it was possible to plant a patch
of sugar cane
608  The lighthouse “Farol Fontes Perreira
de Melo” marks the most westerly point of
the island. Shortly before is the only tunnel,
the“Tunnel do Farol”. It reduced the travel
time from Ribeira Grande to Porto Novo
from nearly four hours to about one hour
609  A white blanket of clouds is
overlapping the mountain range from the
northeast, as we roll along the coast
towards Porto Novo – analog the
“table-cloth” cloud on the Table
Mountain of Cape Town/South Africa
610  Lunchtime at the “Praia dos
Curraletes” beach east of the
port town Porto Novo
611  View above the village of
Lagedos, about 9 miles west of
Porto Novo: A bleak rugged land-
scape expands to the “São Vicente
Channel”. In the background
raises the island the same name
612  Antonia and her daughter Myriam
are pounding maiz. They rent basic rooms
in their rural house “Babilonia” in Lagedos,
along the road from Porto Novo to the
“Ribeira das Patas” valley …..
613  ….. two little boys from the
neighborhood are watching while
sucking happily their icecream …..
614  ….. in front of the neighbor’s
house a girl washes the hair of her sister
615  The curious goat with its off-
spring belongs to “Babilonia’s” menagerie
like the roosters and its chickens, doves,
turkeys, dogs, cats, donkeys and pigs
616  Liliana makes easily friends:
Here with a girl of “Babilonia’s” village
617  Emil is beaming also in contentment
and enjoys the “rural” moment
618  There are also dots of green at
the dried up riverbed of the “Ribeira
das Patas” canyon, a bit south of
“Chã de Morte“. Each somewhat
flat patch is used for cultivation
619  One of the deep ravines
of the “Ribeira das Patas” river that
form the topography of this wild
mountainous region (near Lagedos)
620  The Atlantic Ocean is never far
away on this small island. Here the
view from Lagedos to the south with
the “São Vicente Channel”, behind it the
mountains of the island of São Vicente
621  The rising sun puts the over 5’000 ft.
high central mountain ridge (“Pé de Salto”,
5’230 ft.) wonderfully ablaze
622  Breakfast with a beautiful
mountain scenery between Lagedos
and “Chã de Morte”
623  The vegetation of Santo Antão
is influenced by the almost up to 6’500 ft.
tall mountain ranges, which stop the
drifting tradewind clouds and ensure
rain and humidity in the northeast
624  This is Africa: We do not know
where these boys come from, but
suddenly they are here. Contrary to
the continent, on Cape Verde they
are (still) very restrained and nice
625  Between “Curral das Vacas”
and “Selada de Alto Mira” a gigantic
mountain panorama unfolds
626  Yellow flowers and white fruitballs
of the cotton bush (Gossypium) along
the road to “Selada de Alto Mira”
627  Another magnificent mountain
scenario unfolds at the village of “Chã
d’Orgueiro Alto Mira” (right) and
“Chã Queimado Alto Mira” (left)
628  We descend on the cobble stone
road in switchbacks from “Selada de
Alto Mira” towards the village of
“Chã d’Orgueiro Alto Mira” …..
629  ….. the lush green starlike
arranged patterns of terraced fields
in the “Alto Mira” valley are a striking
contrast to the barren land
630  In the southern part of the
“Alto Mira” valley rock needles raise
like vertical fingers into the air
631  Erosions in the “Alto Mira” valley
formed peculiar formations like disks,
wheels and staircases
632  The main feature of the “Alto
Mira” valley is the plowed terraced
fields along the steep slopes
633  A blooming yellow mimosa tree
(Mimosa pudica) is a lovely contrast
to the dark mountain range near
“Selada de Alto Mira”
634  In such a barren land the delicate "bird
of paradise bush" (Caesalpinia gilliesii)
sticks out particularly because it's an orna-
mental plant native to tropical America
635  From “Selada de Alto Mira”
the road winds through the “Alto Mira”
valley down to “Ribeira da Cruz”,
situated close by the sea
636  The rocky shore on the northwest
coast near “Ribeira da Cruz”
637  “We have little to munch,
but a wonderful sea view and a
cooling breeze” - Cattle along
the cost near “Ribeira da Cruz”
638  A house at “Jorge Luis” tucked
away with its own cultivated terraces
and a dramatic mountain background
639  A ‘falaj’ – an ancient water
channel irrigation system – serves the
villagers sometimes also as shower
(we knew it from Oman and
the United Arab Emirates)
640  Peaceful breakfast with mountain
and sea view west of “Ponte Sul”
(south of Lagedos)
641  Just high, but not overloaded: Back
from the farmland with a load of hay
642  The long way to the next water
supply is part of the daily routine of
the rural population. Donkeys are
indispensable carriers
643  On an altitude of about 4’600 to
5’000 ft. towards the northwestern
‘Norte’ region the fog clears up and in
the distance a mountain peak from the
island of São Vicente becomes visible …..
644  ….. unusual and interesting cloud
formations browse past our heads
645  Herdsmen of goats have put up
camp at the end of the new cobble
stone road at the junction to
“Tarrafal de Monte Trigo”
646  The narrow gravel road leads
to “Tarrafal de Monte Trigo”
on the west coast
647  Fog raises from the west coast
and reaches the 6’493 ft. tall volcano
“Tope da Coroa”, the highest mountain
on Santo Antão, on the way to ‘Norte’
648  Liliana is in her element when she
is able to explore the area: Here in
‘Norte’ on the way to Bolona
649  The barren ‘moonscape’ near Bolona
on the ‘Norte’ plateau captivates with its
warm shades of beige, brown and white
650  Mimosas (Mimosa pudica) are in
full bloom: A lovely bush in the brown grass
under a blue sky during our decent to the sea
651  Our LandCruiser on one of its
last trips on Santo Antão. West of
”Ponte Sul” the cobble stone
road climbs steadily uphill
652  View from the west to the port
city of Porto Novo, where we arrived
on March 20th, and from where we
return on April 10th, 2014 to the
island of São Vicente
653  View over the “São Vicente Channel”
to the neighbor island of São Vicente. To
the left is the bay of Mindelo, from where
on April 30th, 2014 our LandCruiser
leaves the 180th country Cape Verde in its
28th container to Walvis Bay in Namibia
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