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Pictures of our 2nd South America trip 2019 to Argentina
- Part 1 Los Antiguos at the border of Chile to Luján de Cuyo near Mendoza 2/7 - 3/13/2019
Chile Part 2 from Los Lagos in Los Ríos to Chile Chico in Aysén at the border of Argentina January 27th to February 7th, 2019
Chile Part 1 San Antonio/Santiago to Los Lagos in Los Ríos December 24th, 2018 to January 27th, 2019
3rd Rejuvenation of our LandCruiser FJ60/1982 in Miri/Sarawak/East Malaysia from 2/6-5/3/2017 + continuation from 7/18-9/22/2018
Borneo-Sulawesi-Moluccas-Papua Trip (= start of 11 parts) from August 22nd, 2017 to May 27th, 2018
Myanmar (Burma) round trip (= start of 4 parts) without our vehicle from December 26th, 2016 to January 22nd, 2017
Ukraine Part 3 – from Russia border at Kyaterinіvka to port city Odessa (29th container to Bintulu/Sarawak/East Malaysia)
Sudan – from Ethiopia border to Suakin and the ferry to Saudi Arabia December 9th, 2015 to January 8th, 2016
Cape Verde: São Vicente – from Mindelo to port city of Walvis Bay in Namibia Part 1 (28th container) April 10th to 29th, 2014
Argentina Part 2 – from Luján de Cuyo near Mendoza to Cachi in Calchaquí Valley March 13th to 30th, 2019
Argentina Part 3 – from Cachi in Calchaquí Valley to Clorinda at the Paraguay border March 30th, to May 4th, 2019
Argentina Part 4 Nostalgic pictures from scanned slides of our South American journey 1987/88
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Argentina Map
Map from southern South America
latest picture: March 13, 2019
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001  2/7/2019: From the Chilean border
crossing in Los Antiguos we drive for
22 miles (36km) along the southern
lakeshore of the steel-blue
Lago Argentina …..
002  ….. on the other side of the
road the landscape is desert-like
with green cushions covered with
prickly yellow flowers
003  A young Ñandú, called also Rhea
(Rhea americana albescens) – a kind of
ostrich – in the Argentinean pampa.
Ñandús are fast runners. They can reach a
remarkable speed of 37ms/h (60km/h)
004  On famous “Ruta 40” northwards:
A small pond in the dry windswept pampa
allows the growth of some trees. The
“Ruta 40” leads about 3'230 ms
(ca. 5'200km) from Punta Loyola near
Río Gallegos along the Andes mountains
to La Quiaca at the Bolivian border
005  Two curious guanacos
(Lama guanicoe): They are endemic
to South America and survive also
in the arid inhospitable pampa
006  The lush green trees lining the
meandering river are a wonderful contrast
to the arid landscape of the dry pampa
007  Our LandCruiser on dead-straight
ride on the “Ruta 40” in the Argentinean
province of Chubut through the
loneliness of the pampa
008  Caroline from Germany is catching
up on her bike. We met her recently on
the camping in Chile Chico and before
in Villarica in Chile
009  About 260ms (ca. 400km) from
the border crossing Chile-Argentina in
Los Antiguos – after the tiny hamlet
of “Gobernador Costa” – it gets
hillier and greener
010  A remote estancia (small ranch)
tucked between wind-breaking high-
rising clusters of trees
011  A bunch of wild growing chamomile
(Matricaria chamomilla) flowers defies
the stony dry ground
012  Sunset at the Municipal Camping
in “Gobernador Costa”, province
Chubut, in Patagonia
013  Enough space to roam around:
Happy cows on vast grassland
014  Along the legendary “Ruta 40”:
Our LandCruiser on its lonely drive
towards Esquel, the most northerly
town in the province of Chubut
015  The landscape gets increasingly
lovelier: A small pond surrounded by
high grass
016  A bunch of wind breaking poplar trees
(Populus nigra), also called cottonwood or
aspen. They are the best protection against
the fiercely blowing Patagonia winds
017  The delicate white flowers
spread an aura of spring, although
fall starts in a month
018  The reforested green slopes break
the monotony of the brownish landscape;
here along “Ruta 40” north of Esquel
019  Golden yellow flower cushions
are dotting the landscape with special
spots of color
020  Forests starts to dominate the
scenery south of El Bolsón in the province
of Río Negro in northern Patagonia.
El Bolsón is famous for its mild climate
021  The first settlements of El Bolsón
on an altitude of 1'385 ft. [422m], framed
by mountains (Cerro Perito Moreno), come
into sight. The town with 20'000 people is
touristy, but likeable
022  “Is there some food?” – The peacock
at the “Camping Portal Norte” in El Bolsón
is catching our attention with a loud call
023  The small feather crown on its
head is a characteristic of the peacock
(Pavo cristatus)
024  The quiet natural river Río Ternero,
approx. 8½ miles [14km] north of
El Bolsón
025  Deeply forested hills are typical for
Argentina’s Patagonia regions. Here on
“Ruta 40” north of El Bolsón direction
026  We are approaching the famous
lake region of Bariloche, strictly speaking
“San Carlos de Bariloche”. Ahead of us
Lago Guillelmo, 3rd lake before the city
of Bariloche
027  A short photo stop at
Lago Guillelmo in the relaxing
nature of Patagonia




028  The dark blue, crystal clear
Lago Mascardi, surrounded by beautiful
mountain scenery
029  The dense forests of Patagonia
are true natural treasure troves
030  Another serene lake: Lago Gutiérrez
and the Bariloche suburb of
“Los Cohiues”, about 8½ miles [14km]
south of Bariloche (140'000 pop.)
031  Marshland reflecting
in a quiet pond
032  Emil at our breakfast table at our
lovely camping spot “La Bellunese” in
the “Nahuel Huapi” National Park close
to the Chilean border
033  One lake more beautiful than the
other: Lago Espejo. In the region of
Bariloche they enchant at every turn
Nature at its best: Beautiful serene azure mountain lakes, embedded in sweeping deep forest, along the scenic, 67 miles [108km] long
“Road of the Seven Lakes” from Villa La Angostura to San Martín de los Andes. It's part of the national highway “Ruta 40”
034  Lago Correntoso
035  Lago Villarino
036  Lago Machónico
037  Leisure time at the river Chimehuín at
the camping in “Junín de los Andes” …..
038  ….. where also ibises are
roaming the shore …..
039  ….. and buzzards (juvenile bird)
show up
040  Festively dressed gauchos crossing
the road at “Junín de los Andes”
041  Unspoilt and peaceful: Chimehuín
River near “Junín de los Andes”,
upstream towards the West
042  Our LandCruiser is crossing a
small salt pond on our arid onward
journey from “Junín de los Andes”
to the more northerly Zapala




043  A lof of uninhabited land:
Conifers break the monotony
of the stony hilly landscape
044  A lovely view before Chos Malal
over blooming flowers, hills studded with
greenery and the snow covered mountain
range Sierra Velluda in the Andes
045  It starts to bloom: A field of golden-
yellow shining daisies (Leucanthemum)
046  One of the “mini shrines” along the
road: They are marked with red flags …..
047  ….. in the tiny “chapels” are statues
of saints, decorated with artificial flowers
(see Gauchito Gil)
048  Spring arrived: A sprawling
white flower field along the road




049  The sleepy village of
Barrancas/Neuquén, where 25 miles
[40km] farther north at the junction
-36.57029 -69.82818 a 60ms [<100km]
long rough unfinished gravel road to
Bardas Blancas/Mendoza begins
050  A Statue of Christ is sitting
on a hill above the little village of
Barrancas/Mendoza like at many places
051  Living an isolated life: A farm with
its grazing cattle along the shore of a
pond in the arid landscape of Patagonia
052  A short lunchbreak on a pass of
5'207 ft. [1'587m] with view to
“Laguna Coipo Lauquen” between
Barrancas/Neuquén and Bardas
053  One of the many dust clouds on the
60ms [<100km] long gravel road
(called Ripio) from Barrancas/Neuquén
to Bardas Blancas/Mendoza …..
054  ….. when a car crosses or over-
takes us, we are engulfed by dust, which
covers also the interior of our LandCruiser
with a layer of dust
055  Marshland is dominating ahead
of Bardas Blancas in the province
of Mendoza
056  Our night spot under a weeping willow
at “Agreste Jony's s campground” in Bardas
Blancas/Mendoza. The red “Deux Chevaux”
arouses nostalgia – as we owned also one
until our departure on 10/18/1984!
057  The “Ruta 40” to San Rafael and
Mendoza is climbing again 2'000 ft. [600m]
continuously to about 6'500ft. [~2'000m]
revealing beautiful views
058  Reencounter with the German biker
Karsten at the Malargüe Municipal Park
Camping. It is our third encounter in
059  View over the Galileo Vitali dam
near San Rafael south of Mendoza.
It's fed by the Diamante river
060  Four black-necked swans (Cygnus
melancoryphus) on tour: They are the
largest waterfowls native to South America
061  Luján Playa – a commercialized
bathing resort at the shore of the Mendoza
River in “Luján de Cuyo”, about 17 miles
[28km] west of Mendoza …..
062  ….. 4ms [6km] further upriver, at
the camping “El Rincón de Leo” along the
old “Ruta Panamericana”, it is more quiet
and the background is more impressive
063  “Is it not a good life?” (Mendoza
River in camping “El Rincón de Leo” in
Luján de Cuyo near Mendoza)
064  A beautiful spot at the large
camping area (more than 1'700ft.
[>500m] long) “El Rincón de Leo”
in Luján de Cuyo near Mendoza
065  Emil is enjoying our quiet camping
life at the camping “El Rincón de Leo”,
where screeching parrots and cooing
doves are entertaining us
066  A white-black death-cap (Amanita
phalloides) of a considerable size is
sprouting on the grounds of the
camping “El Rincón de Leo”


067  Green monk parakeets, also called
Quaker parrots (Myiopsitta monachus)
are our noisy neighbors at the camping
“El Rincón de Leo” in Luján de Cuyo
near Mendoza …..
068  ….. also a shy guinea pig (Cavia)
shows up once in a while …..
069  ….. and the Picazuro pigeon
(Patagioenas picazuro) has also its
preferred outlook next to
our camping spot
070  3/13/2019: Farewell from Nancy,
owner of the camping “El Rincón de Leo”
in Luján de Cuyo. She worked 25 years
in Switzerland and speaks perfectly
Swiss German
071  The white dove made her home at
the porch of the camping “El Rincón de
Leo”. While roaming around, it unfolds
its impressing “fan-shaped wheel”
072  Campinglife pure: Emil at breakfast –
his favorite meal – at our camping table
Three different atmospheric pictures from our camping “El Rincón de Leo” in Luján de Cuyo near Mendoza:
073  Early morning view to the arid
desert hills of the Cordillera del Plata
074  A lovely sunrise announces a new day
075  Eerie thunderstorm
clouds are looming
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